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    What makes that beer taste unique?

    The open-source participative science project BeerDeCoded is sequencing the DNA of your favourite beverage. We measure the microbial biodiversity of beers and build a molecular Cicerone using genomics and artificial intelligence.

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    SwissDeCode, based in Geneva (CH)

    Hackuarium, based in Lausanne (CH)


    Founding date:

    January 9, 2015





    Kickstarter campaign (2015):





    May 27, 2015


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    twitter: @beerdecoded

    hashtag: #BeerDeCoded




    Ch. du closel 5

    CH-1020 Renens (VD)




    +41 79 930 79 91

    What, When, Where, Why?

    BeerDeCoded is a participative science project that investigates the microbial diversity of 1,000 beers using the latest genomic technologies.


    The project was founded by Gianpaolo Rando in 2015 during the last year of his postdoctoral fellowship in molecular biology at the university of Geneva.

    People nominated or sent beers for the analysis through a Kickstarter campaign. As of today, we have funding to analyse 100 beers (10% of the goal) collected from 20 different countries.


    All the experimental steps are open, and people can attend the experiments by visiting the open lab Hackuarium located in Lausanne (Switzerland) open to the public every Wednesday night.


    During these open nights, people can join the BeerDeCoded team, purify the DNA from 1,000 beers, sequence the DNA, proceed to bioinformatic analyses and drink the beer leftover.


    At the end, the team will use the DNA data to build a genetic tree using the same algorithms developed for the tree of life.


    But it will be a tree of beers.


    On the tree, similar beers will lye together. By locating a beer of choice, it will be possible to discover new beers based on genetic similarities.


    This information may help craft brewers to benchmark new recipes against existing products and control their quality.


    Beer is an excuse to reflect on technology. Science is too important to let it to scientists. With a beer, people can mix with scientist, ask questions and contribute to answer new ones.

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    & repeating collaborators

    Gianpaolo Rando



    Nicolas Rotman

    Molecular biology


    Jonathan Sobel



    Vanessa Lorenzo

    Interaction design


    Alex Hantson

    Digital marketing


    Luc Henry

    Science outreach


    Brij Sahi

    Business opportunities


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